MyCenturaHealth Accessing Your Medical Records

Managing your health records has become significantly more convenient thanks to MyCenturaHealth, a patient portal provided by Centura Health. In this article, we’ll delve into how you can access and manage your medical records using MyCenturaHealth.

Steps to Access Medical Records on MyCenturaHealth

MyCenturaHealth Accessing Your Medical Records

Account Creation:

  • Obtain an Activation Code during your visit to a physician’s clinic or from the primary care clinic.
  • Visit the MyCenturaHealth official portal and use the Activation Code to create an account with a username and password.


Accessing Records:

  • Inside the portal, you can view various aspects of your medical records, such as test results, medications, and health history.
  • If you need a full copy of your medical record, you can request it directly through the portal.

Proxy Access and Minor Accounts:

  • Adults can grant proxy access to their account for friends and family.
  • Parents or legal guardians can request proxy access to their child’s account for children up to age 12. For children aged 13-17, consent is required.

Mobile Access:

  • MyCenturaHealth also offers a mobile application, providing the same functionalities as the website for convenient access on the go.

Creating and Accessing Your Account

To start using MyCenturaHealth, you need an Activation Code, which can be obtained during a visit to your physician’s clinic or from the primary care clinic you visit. Once you have this code, you can create your account with a username and password. This process is straightforward and can be done on their official portal.

Features and Benefits

Once registered, MyCenturaHealth offers a range of features:

  • Communication with Your Doctor: You can send messages to your physician and typically expect a reply within 1-3 working days.
  • Accessing Test Results and Health Records: You can view your health information, including medications, allergies, test results, and more.
  • Managing Appointments: The portal allows you to schedule or manage appointments.
  • Prescription Refills: You can request medication refills through the portal.
  • Billing Management: It’s possible to view and pay your bills directly via the portal.

Medical Records Phone Number

The phone numbers for medical records departments differ depending on the Centura Health network hospital. Here are some numbers to call for medical records in various locations:

Colorado and Kansas Locations:

  • Bob Wilson Memorial Hospital: 620-356-6060
  • Longmont United Hospital: 303-651-5069
  • Mercy Hospital: 970-764-3700
  • OrthoColorado Hospital: 720-321-5310
  • Penrose Hospital: 719-776-5296
  • St. Anthony Hospital: 720-321-3340
  • St. Anthony North Hospital: 720-627-0180
  • St. Anthony Summit Hospital: 970-668-2877
  • St. Elizabeth Hospital: 970-542-3325
  • St. Francis Hospital: 719-571-1050
  • St. Mary-Corwin Hospital: 719-557-5150
  • St. Catherine Hospital – Dodge City: 620-225-8422
  • St. Catherine Hospital – Garden City: 620-272-2161
  • St. Thomas More Hospital: 719-285-2042

Utah Locations:

  • Holy Cross Hospital -Davis: 801-807-7540
  • Holy Cross Hospital-Jordan Valley: 801-562-3157
  • Holy Cross Hospital-Jordan Valley West: 801-964-3272
  • Holy Cross Hospital-Mountain Point: 385-345-3337
  • Holy Cross Hospital-Salt Lake: 801-350-4813


MyCenturaHealth provides an all in one platform for managing your healthcare needs. This platform simplifies the process of accessing medical records and engaging with healthcare practitioners, making healthcare management more accessible and efficient.